Lakeside Pickleball

 Lakeside Guest-Only Pickleball Court

Cedar Creek Lake, TX


Enjoy the “fastest growing” sport, lakeside!



Book Your Cottage & Pickleball Getaway

Book Your Cottage & Pickleball Getaway

“Stay and Play”

at the only private lakeside pickleball court on Cedar Creek Lake

Watching courtside Pickleball Cedar Creek Lake

  • FUN – this will become your go-to destination for laughter, unlimited adult-only pickleball play
  • EASE – only a 90-minute drive down Hwy 45 from Dallas
  • CONNECTION – time with friends or meet new pickleball enthusiasts
  • INSPIRATION – nature and Cedar Creek Lake only 10′ from where you’re playing pickleball

It’s Time to Play Pickleball

Pickleball Play Time

Dash of a competitive spark?

Have you heard all about pickleball and want to play? Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America. In 2020, 21% growth in participation for 4.2 million players!

Do you have a group of friends you play with regularly?

Would you play every day?

Everyone is welcome.

Looking for a new place to explore?

Who knew East Texas was the latest place for a private lakeside pickleball court open to only our guests, and 8 is the maximum number of guests. Sunrise Point also offers so many other amenities to enjoy.

“Park, Stay & Play”

Easy and relaxing. Park in front of your cottage. Walk in, drop your bags, change your shoes and literally walk across the driveway to the pickleball court.

Play or enjoy the saltwater pool and spa. Paddleboards and fishing. Read or nap on your private patio and hammock.  Enjoy a relaxing beverage at sunset near the roaring fire pit overlooking the lake.

Book Your Cottage & Pickleball Getaway

Book Your Cottage & Pickleball Getaway